Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Time for a Change

With the changes going on, I thought I would change the looks of my blogs to something a little different. I hope you like the changes as much as I do. Right now the Olde Timey look suits me. Wait a couple of months and then we’ll see what feels right at the time.

I started looking for housing. Apartments have the best prices; but no room for two active dogs. Houses at our price point are a little on the lame side. Since our goal will be to save $1,000 per month, we are looking hard for a simple house with a nice fenced yard.

My cousin has homes for rent in the area we are looking at; but she prefers tenants without pets. We will continue to look on Craigslist, other websites, newspapers, Scott’s co-workers, and drives around areas we would like to live in.

Tomorrow I will receive my drugs. Yippee! Then, in a couple of days, I will be coping much better.

In the meantime, Selene and Nate have been given a date of July 1 to remove all their junk or I will sell it at the moving sale! I was going to do a sale earlier this month but illness reigned! So, now I am planning the sale for after we move. I’ll just leave the stuff at this place and when we get the stuff we are moving out of the house, then I will have a mother of all moving sales!

Our ten year plan is to purchase a lot on the Oregon Coast for about $50,000. It won’t have an ocean view; but sometimes you get lucky. Then to put a used manufactured home on it for our retirement. With living close to the vest and being more frugal than usual we hope to be able to retire to the life of serenity we dream of.

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