Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday is Garbage Day

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and came in right at budget! That was for half the stores I visit. Sometime this weekend I will hit the rest.  I love to hit the loss leaders at the chain; then hit the warehouse stores to fill in. But, you already know that.
H2O ran out of loaf bread before I got there yesterday. Instead, I picked up some Italian bread that we will slice as needed. It makes pretty good toast, though’ the sandwiches tend to fall apart with each bite.

The forecast is for partly cloudy and warmer weather! Oh JOY! I am hoping the peonies will open up. I love their old-fashioned, blowsy look. Cut and brought into the house, they have a clean fragrance that is not overpowering. Check out Chic Daisy to see what is blooming every week.

On the weight loss front: I am doing great on my diet during the day. It’s night that is killing me. Since I was sick last month, I am back on the swing schedule, bed at 4am up at noon. That means from 10 pm to 4am I am famished and eat like a pig. I’ve got to get myself back on the day schedule of bed by 11 pm up at 7 am. Easier said than done. My circadian rhythms are just screwy. Goal for the next week is to get back to “Early to bed and early to rise makes Susan less fat.”

Meanwhile, I will continue to cut out deep fried foods and cheese from my habits. Scott is dismayed; he loves mac ‘n cheese, which is off the table now. Other changes: pizza once a month; no fries with any meal (oven baked Jo-Jo’s are fine); only take-out nights are on paydays (a tradition from our newlywed days); a chart, with stickers, so I remember to eat my three servings of fruit and two of veggies every day; daily walks with the dogs after dinner (that way we will break up the eating cycle of dinner, dessert, second dessert, snack, second snack) and etc.

Much to do, better get to it.

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