Friday, May 28, 2010

A New Camera!

This was written on Wednesday and I forgot to post.  So here goes.............There's an update on the bottom!

My new camera arrived yesterday! When we ordered it, it wasn’t to be shipped until today. Well, am I happy! I’ve been playing around with it this morning. (I went to bed at 6pm and woke at 2:15am) So far, I have taken a video of a one eyed dog walking away, several pictures of a wall, and one picture of Rocky on the couch! I was able to delete all of those; but now cannot access the picture I took of Scott fixing his cereal. I’ll figure it out and now there will be more pictures of things that interest me!

Lennon called me on Monday. He just wanted to say, “I love you.” Then his mom and I had a great Mother/Daughter conversation. Nate is coming over the pass to pick up some stuff they left here. He will be bringing Lennon with him. Yippee!

Scott is in ‘training’ right now. So, for the next month, he will be working 8-4:30 M-F. That means we can take off for Bend and spend a weekend with the kids! That also means we can transport even more of their junk!

With all the Season Finales this past week, there is very little to watch on TV. I have decided to watch ‘I Love Lucy’ for the billionth time. There are many ‘Summer Season’ shows coming back as well as more being made. We’ll see what happens with them. Scott is re-watching ‘The Sopranos’. At least there’s Cubs Baseball to fill in the time.

My fibro flare is continuing, much to my chagrin. Yesterday was the worst migraine day. I got out of bed to make dinner and then right back to bed. Today, I am hoping for a more productive day. Cross your fingers.

It’s still raining here. The weatherman on the news said it was the coldest May since 1996. While Scott and I were out for a drive, we saw a friend’s cornfield is now a pond with ducks! He just may not get a crop out of that unless June is unseasonably warm.

Back in the mid-seventies, I remember the 4th of July so cold we were all wearing sweatshirts and hats. And my Grandma Vesta’s birthday in late August with everyone in jeans and long sleeves. It was a thoroughly cold summer.

Scott got off early today, Friday.  He came home with another gift for me.  A new Nintendo DS Lite!  He was the top in sales a couple of months ago during a contest.  Woowee!  Another new toy.  Now, tomorrow I need to get the new SD card fro the camera and a new game or two for the DS.  And two bags of steer manure.  Got to get the priorities right!

I hope our luck holds out.  We sure could use some good luck.  After all, if it weren't for bad luck lately, we'd have no luck at all.

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