Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday and Lost

Oh, excitement, just three more episodes of LOST and then the series finale! Six years of questions, Sawyer, mystery, Sawyer, innuendo, Sawyer, action, Sawyer, romance, Sawyer. Did I mention Sawyer?

During the second season I posted on the ABC Lost Message Board as ISawyerFirst. Yes, I am old enough to be his mother; but it is not Josh Holloway I have the crush on, it is Sawyer – James Ford. His long blonde hair, his build, his southern drawl, his bad-boy cover over that heart of pure gold. Yeppers, I will miss him!

On to other things LOST.
  • I am speculating that ‘Adam & Eve’ of the cave are Jin & Sun bringing back Ji Yeon to the island. Ji Yeon, Enchanted Flower, will be the new Jacob.
  • Eloise Hawking Widmore has something to do with the alternate timeline since she is trying to get her son, Daniel Faraday, back after shooting him.
  • The alternate timeline fulfills each of the Losties dearest heart’s desire. Or not. I am confused about Claire and Kate.
  • Another speculation -- Juliet is David’s mother. She and Jack were getting close before the island disappeared.
  • From the first episode -- Where are the hairbrushes?
  • We’ll see what we learn tonight. I need answers to questions I can’t even think of right now!
It’s supposed to rain through tomorrow. Then some sun, then some rain, etc. Spring in Oregon, got to love it.


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