Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sun and Jin died! I was okay until Hugo started to cry, then I lost it. Wow, why? And so many of our characters dying; Lapetis, Sayid, Jin and Sun in just one episode. The carnage that was wrought last night was overwhelming.

That just leaves Jack, Hugo, and James (I am still counting on Ji Yeon to show up) to be our new Jacob. Scott is rooting for Hugo, he of the large heart to be our new caretaker.
Just four more hours of LOST, how will we spend our time? My hope is no one decides to make tacky sequels in the future. Just leave well enough alone.

I’ve got to get to the store today. We are running out of everything. It is my only goal, with dinner, to accomplish. Yesterday I tweaked my back and was down with Flexeril for the afternoon. Today, I’m just sore and no more spasms.

Last night I dreamed I was house hunting. I went to see this fabulous house and the landlord told me all about how nice it was. But, that house was rented. He had another house, just over a bit and pointed out an old shop with room for storing an RV in it. We could rent that. I spent the rest of the night trying to get all the junk out of the space, it just kept multiplying. I woke feeling like I needed a nap and a handful of ibuprophen!

Since it is supposed to be nice over the weekend, I think it would be a great time to get some color pots going. I just need to play in some potting mix with pretty flowers. I will be scouring all my hidey holes in the shop and yard for old pots (hope there are no huge spideys in them) and other planting paraphernalia. Got to stop by the feed store to see what they have in the line of tomatoes and peppers. I need determinate tomatoes for pots. I plan on underplanting the tomatoes with onions and lettuce for nice salad bowls.

Much to do. Just get up and do it!


  1. You LOST me on the show ;-) Something I never got in to but wish I had so I could understand what is going on when I catch the odd episode.

  2. I know how you feel. My kids are always talking about things that just fly over my head!