Monday, May 3, 2010

Much Too Much To Do and Frog Bathrooms

The snare timpani are gone from my ears! Oh, it is nice to be back to just the usual tinnitus. This means I am finally feeling better and good enough to get some housework done!

Right, who am I kidding? Housework? Yeah, I can’t stand to have the house cluttered. If the house is cluttered, so is my mind. Got to have clean surfaces; no stuff lying about, gathering dust. A place for everything and everything in its place.

First off, I need to clean the fridge. Something spilled and it is yuck! Litter pans, gross. Something spilled in the oven and now it smokes, so got to clean it! Alright, I am cleaning the back of the house: kitchen, laundry, and ½ bath (aka – the ‘Frog Bathroom’)

When we moved in, I had a toilet seat with a cute froggy on it with matching wallpaper. My friend Kathi hung the wallpaper for me. I decorated the room with little froggies. So, in toddler fashion, Selene dubbed it the ‘Frog Bathroom.’

About 10 years ago, I redecorated the room with fresh paint and wallpaper. Reused the toilet seat, it was the right green color and still in great shape. And re-hung the metal sculpture of a little one getting into the clawfoot tub with his pet frog! It’s still the ‘Frog Bathroom.’ Now better known as the ‘Cat’s Bathroom.’ It’s where we keep two litter pans.

One day, I want to get an electric litter pan. When Vern heard that, he had visions of kitties getting jolted! (His favorite book is ‘101 Things to do with a Dead Cat.’) No, the electric litter pan just cleans itself into a container you empty. No scooping. I will add that to my list of things I am buying with the millions I am earning on the net! First the mixer, then a camera, then the litter pan! That is my new goal!

Blue sky, now is the time to run the garbage out before it stars raining again!


  1. I learned a trick from the Fly Lady. She gets you to set a timer for 15 minutes to do housework. It is amazing what you can get done in 15 minutes. I set mine for the first time today and made a lot of progress on a cluttered bedroom. I can't do much at a time before I get very tired. Am going to rest and do it again in a short while. You might wanna give it a go. Housework doesn't seem so daunting when you work at it for 15 minutes.

  2. Joyful, that is a great idea that I will try to adopt! My Grandma Vesta used to say she had the 'dropsey'. When she'd see a seat, she'd drop right into it! Best excuse for doing the housework slow I ever heard.