Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wonderful Saturday

This is the first weekend Scott has had in at least two years!  He has always had to work Saturdays, with Friday and Sunday off.  So we are enjoying some time together doing what we love.
Today we took off early and went over to the Coast.  The drive over was a little wet at the top of the pass, but the rest of the day was sunny and no wind!  There were so many wildflowers out, but since we were on the highway, I couldn't get any pictures.  We decided to go out to the woods tomorrow and take pictures.
We headed south from Newport to look at some land I had seen on the web.  Feeling a bit peckish, we stopped at South Beach and got some delicious smoked salmon, crackers and pop.  We stopped just south of Seal Rock and had our snack watching the fishing boats and fishermen on the rocks. 
Then, on to see the land.  It was a mess.  It was tauted as having an 'ocean view'.  Nope.  The ocean view was not worth what was being asked for the lots.  Oh well, like we were going to buy anyway.
We stopped in Depoe Bay for lunch at the Sea Hag.  It was very nice, clean and lived up to the reputation of a rich, creamy clam chowder.  Just too rich for me.  I brought home half my bowl for a lunch tomorrow.
Then, it was next door to Ainslee's for the made in store salt water taffy and caramel corn.  Scott has to do with sugar free shipped in from 'Somewhere Else.'
Scott wanted to come back the way we went, Hwy 20 from Newport to Corvallis.  There is a new section of road being built from Pioneer Mountain to Eddyville and he wanted to see if he could see anymore of the new road.  Well, we got a better view of a couple of the bazillion bridges on the new route and that was that.  The road is over the mountain from the old road and out of view. 
It was a beautiful day and drive.  Now that we are home again, Jip was outside barking at the neighbors (what's new?).  I went out to get him and managed to take a fall on the driveway.  OUCH!  I landed on my right knee bruising it pretty badly.  I scraped my right forearm and elbow as well as both hands.  I need to take a look at my right big toe.  I think I managed to tear the nail.  So here I sit, a package of frozen green beans on my knee.  Oh Susanna, how I cry for thee,  at least I don't think this will merit a trip to the ER.


  1. Sounds like you had a nice trip to the beach. I'm hoping you didn't pull any muscles. Take it easy.

  2. Thank you. Looks and feels like just some scrapes and bad bruising. My big toe just lost a layer of skin, no damage to the nail. I'll be right as rain in a couple of days.