Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Great Day All Round!

Wow, am I feeling better!  After feeling so crummy it is great!  Yes, I still have the fibro pain; but it is always better on days when I can get moving.
Today I went to the grocery store!   I got to Wal-mart for cat food, crackers, previcid, cereal, dog treats and some candy.  Forgot to get the potting mix.  I had enough energy to go back and get it!  10 cubic feet of potting mix.  Can you say, "Each bag was heavier than the last?"
Then it was off to Safeway for more crackers and fruit and some chicken and hamburger.  Had to buy my lottery tickets and Starbucks was having a half price sale on frappacino's.  Talk about too sweet!  Next time I'll order something less sweet.

Got home to the uber-excited doggies!  Jip almost knocked me over!  All 20 pounds of him against my mega-weight!  Rocky found the new chewies and was overly excited by his find.  I had to open the package right then and there!  About an hour later, I had not put everything away yet, he found the new tugs; he pulled it out of the bag and proceeded to play catch with me for about 10 minutes.

Story from Selene's childhood:
Selene was in the 3rd grade.  We had just been to the store for some groceries.  She had talked me into a new chewie for Duke (a Lab/Spaniel Mix)  I told her not to show it to him until we had all the groceries in the house. 
She pulled the chewie out of the bag and was trying to get the wrapper off.  Duke was bouncing off the walls.  I walked in with another arm load of bags and was not happy at what was going on.  I grabbed the chewie in one hand and pulled the wrapper with the other.  In my agitated state, I was super-Mom!  The wrapper came loose and in all the commotion, I hit Selene in the eye with the chewie (rawhide with the knot on the end)  "And THAT is why I said to WAIT!" 
Duke got his chewie and Selene got the icebag; after she finished helping me put the groceries away.  Oh, I sat and held her and loved her and chided her and kissed the owie.
That week, I had the salad bar duty at her grade school.  Her teacher and the school secretaries were talking about one of the kid's new bruises.  I mentioned Selene's black eye.  They said they were sure it was an accident.  When I told them how it happened, they and the principal were laughing so hard, there were tears!  (I was able to put in the gestures, exclamations, laughter, tears, and hope that one day my daughter would learn to follow directions.)

I fixed a mega-amount of spaghetti for dinner.  There was enough left over for four lunches and a batch of lasagna to be made later.  Tomorrow, chicken enchiladas with quesa fresca.

Then, Scott sat me down at the computer and showed me the company's employees rewards site.  We ended up getting a new camera!  FREE!  NO shipping OR handling!  Yay!  Happy Birthday, a little late, to me! 
With such good luck we turned to our checking account rewards site.  We have decided to wait until Christmas and see what we can get then.  We should have doubled our points by then.

So, with the camera that means my earnings from surveys and blogging ads will first go to the new mixer and then to the electric litter box.  After that, we'll just see what happens.


  1. That's super! You got a new camera through rewards. It's great when one can do that. Now you will get your new mixer for sure ;-) glad you're feeling better. I have no idea how much 10 cubic feet is but I just bought 60 Kg last night of manure and soil which I lugged home in a wheel cart (about 2.5 blocks) and that was enough for me.

  2. I converted the weight to about 50 kilos. I have several very large pots to fill!

  3. I googled 10 cubic feet after I read your post and got a good idea of how much dirt that is. It seems about the size of a standard raised garden bed here ;-) It's a lot to carry that's for sure. My load was quite enough.