Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here is a pic of my favorite shopping bags. Peggy picked them up at Fred Meyer.They are made of recycled water bottles. You can shop online at Patty Reed Designs.
While I was visiting the web site today I found a GREAT BARGAIN! There are 24 bags ( 4 each of six different designs) for only $60! Talk about a buy! Regularly $6 each, on sale they are only $2.50 each!. Great idea of all those holiday gifts. Or get together with some like-minded greenies and save big time!
These are well made bags.  I have been using a couple of them for about five years now.  I shop bi-monthly and also grab them for carrying things on day trips.  Soap and water make them easy to clean.  It seems either people in-line or the checkers are always asking where I got them. 
There are pockets inside for wine bottles or loaves of bagette bread.  I always feel a little like a Parisian when I carry them out of a store.  (They even make my Wal-Mart purchases look extra specially nice.)

It’s halfway through June already. Time is passing too quickly. We plan to be out of here in two months, exactly. I’ve got to get more boxes and start packing in earnest.

My problem? That danged!%#@$%#@! Nintendo DSi and the Brain Age 2Virus Busting game. I am addicted to it! Like really, would rather play that game than to eat, blog, or go to the bathroom. (Do any of you remember the episode of Star Trek: NG, The Game? (Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete Fifth Season  ) Kind of like that.) And not to mention the time wasted on it, after I finish a session I find my vision is blurry and I have a hard time focusing. So, I have put the DS away for now. Wow, in just about a month that little toy has infiltrated my life so negatively.

In other news: The new pain killers are doing a pretty good job with the fibro pain. I wake to sore muscles and stiff joints every day. With the new pain stuff, my headaches and pains are just slightly invading my life. I am sleeping well, thank you. But, until I get used to this stuff I cannot drive after I have taken a dose. Can you say, “DUII?”

We just got word that several my cousins on Dad’s side of the family are coming to visit for a weekend in July! Wonderful! Even growing up we only got together about six times a year. Not like Mom’s family, many of whom lived in town and went to school with us. We had Sunday dinner at least once a month.
No, Dad’s side lived in another state and it was a real adventure to get there.

Anyway, it will be fun to see everyone and the cousin’s children. Dad is the last of his immediate family. He has several cousins he is still in contact with. Family is important to all of us. Even if we only see each other every five to 15 years or so.

We have been doing some future financial planning. Scott is thinking about retirement. And we have so many options; we are just going to have to do some more research. Like, if you ‘retire’ at 62 but keep on working you may, MAY, be eligible for reduced Social Security benefits. Then full benefits at age 66 (or older depending on when you were born.) As a non-working spouse, I could get a percentage of Scott’s SS at age 62. And then increased benefits at 66 – I think, that’s why we need to talk with an SS expert. Anyway, with what he will draw from his three pensions, his SS, and my SS; we should be pretty stable as long as we don’t overboard on spending.

As I have been typing this, all three cats have jumped on the kitchen counter. One word and they jump off. Do you have to ask why I wash the countertops before cooking?

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  1. Those are lovely bags. I'll check out the weblink. It is good you are going to get advice about retirement options before doing it. It is always good to be prepared. I hope you can work it out to retire and do things you enjoy as well as look after yourself.