Saturday, June 5, 2010

First off:
Do any of you dear readers ever click on the ClusterMaps on the side?  Well, I was checking them out last night.  It is fun to see where my readers hail from.  And the best part, readers from SIX continents have visited my three blogs! 
I couldn't believe it.  Now, to find that elusive reader from Antarctica!

One of my favorite musings is to build and furnish my Dream House.  It's all up there in my mind.  I see the HGTV 2006 Dream House in Lake Lure NC built on a mountain side overlooking Yachats OR and the Pacific Ocean. 
Of course when I build it, the house will be Oregonized!  The exterior landscaping will be tons of native plants with huge blue hydrangeas, red crocosmia, and white calla lilies next to the house.  There will be an addition to the daylight basement, a Victorian style greenhouse with a lap pool.
The interior will be cozy and warm.  The great room will have a Chihuly chandelier in frosted red, white, and blue (reminding me of watching fireworks in the fog at Bandon-by-the-sea.)  The 'dog-trot' will be glassed in because on the Oregon Coast it would be a 'dog-gone' with the gale-force winds in the winter.
But the best room will be the grand kids guest room.  I loved the bunk room that the interior designer Linda put together and that will be the basis for my design.  I see the bunkhouse look of the old lumber camps that used to abound in the Coast Range.  The bunk bed, with trundle, will be covered in the red and black checked Pendelton blankets with crisp white sheets.  A pull-down map, like what they use in schools, will double as the window blind.  A geographic map of the world will paper one wall, a map of the night sky will be on the ceiling, Other walls will be papered in posters of native plants, soils, rocks, far away places, and such.  There will be a big chair in the corner for reading and snuggling.  The rug will be cozy warm for little toes.  Yeah, I have too much time on my hands.

With the current fibro flare, I have been experiencing just too much pain.  My doctor prescribed some pain reliever.  My shoulder has been hurting so much, I couldn't make the drive to get the pills (it's about an hour driving time, round trip) so Scott was nice enough to go to the pharmacy after work yesterday.  He had to wait over an hour before his number was called (this is why we use mail-order for the maintenance drugs.)
Anyway, he finally got called and the pharmacist had to counsel him so he could counsel me.  Here are the instructions:  take one tablet once a day for three days, take one tablet twice a day for three days, then take one tablet three times a day for five days, then take one tablet four times a day.  I have drawn up a calendar for the fridge so I don't get confused.  Hell, I am already confused.

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