Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two of the Worst Movies Ever!

Last week, while I was sick, Scott and I watched two of the worst movies ever. I mean it, worse than Plan 9 From Outer Space! Yes, and you didn't think it was possible.

I saw The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummyon the DIRECTV (if you want DIRECTV email mail me for my account number and we will both get $50 when you have it installed.........and agree to a one year contract) program guide. Scott loves old sci-fi movies (Selene, at two, knew what constituted a 'Daddy Movie' and would tell him what to watch). So I recorded it for him. We watched the last 10 minutes together and were laughing so hard, my eyes swelled up and I was THIS close to an asthma attack!

A few months ago, I remembered a movie Mom wouldn't let Peggy and me watch one Saturday afternoon. It had kids going to a cave, and then going somewhere else, and then the kids went back to the cave to find an alien with a bubble machine. So, I used Swagbucks to search 'sci-fi movie with bubbles.' And up came Robot Monstera '50's sci-fi movie well known for RoMan - half robot/half gorilla suit and his bubble machine. Of course, I had to get it!

Word of warning, both of these movies are so bad, they are actually a great time to watch! We laughed, we sneered, we found mistakes galore, we snarked, and in the end; agreed we finally found a movie (two movies) that are worse than Frogs!  The worst movie we ever paid to see in a theater!

I realized as we got to the end of Robot Monster, that I had seen the entire movie at one time. Mom wouldn't let us watch it because it scared us so much we had nightmares. Heck, Disney's The Three Little Pigs gave me a nightmare I still remember today, 55 years later!

Oh well, if you like old, poorly done, sci-fi movies; I would recommend both The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy and Robot Monsterfor your DVD or Blu-ray library.

P.S. While looking up links from Amazon I found that The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy was skewered by Mystery Science Theater 3000, Vol. XV (The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy / The Girl in Lovers Lane / Zombie Nightmare / Racket Girls)! One of Selene and my favorite Saturday morning shows.
And you can find Plan 9 From Outer Space/Robot Monsteras a box set!

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