Monday, June 7, 2010

Shakespeare, SNAP, and Spilt Milk-Bones

We spent a quiet weekend, a very quiet weekend, except for the dogs barking (what’s new.) I started those new pain killers with the very specific directions on how to get used to them. Well, like all new drugs there will be a time of getting used to them. I will not be driving for a while and I will be napping a little more than usual. Now, if with all this I have less pain then it’s all for the good. I hate pain that wakes you from a sound slumber and that’s why I am trying this new drug.

Speaking of the dogs, (See first sentence of today’s blog, please.) I managed to knock the box of Milk-Bone biscuits off the counter last night. Right in front of the dogs. Scattering the biscuits all over the floor.
Wow, those dogs made me proud! They didn’t start gulping down the treats. I picked up the treats without so much as a sound. The doggies just stood there and watched me. I left two treats on the floor and when I was putting the box on the counter again, Rocky and Jip politely picked up their treats and went to the treat eating areas. For Jip, that’s behind the couch. Rocky eats his on the couch. Now, all I need them to do is behave when someone walks past the house.

Scott ran to the store for a few groceries for this next week. Keeping in mind our $202 budget from the SNAP Challenge, he bought:

2 cases diet cola
1 gallon milk
1 qt cool whip lite
1 sugar-free apple pie
3# gala apples

For a total of $20.04
Leaving us $161.78
Oh, and I found another receipt for milk bought at BiMart last week for $2.50
That brings the total available to $159.28.
We don’t worry about the cost of the sugar-free pies, too much; this one was $6.49. I figure that it costs me pretty close to that amount to make a sugar-free pie. And those pies are a real treat for Scott.

Speaking about treats, over at Scott’s work last week, the management brought in ice cream sandwiches to treat the workers on their hard work the past two weeks. Their company is merging with another company and there are tons of phone calls to field about the merger and how it will affect customers. Anyway, someone got the message finally, and they brought in sugar-free ice cream sandwiches as well! Huzzah!
In the past, Scott has had to do without the treats. Or worse yet, everyone got candies and he was offered a hunk of broccoli or some other non-treat. All he and the other diabetics are asking for is recognition by way of a treat they could enjoy as well. And some of the others are more than happy to eat sugar-free as well.

I’ll end this off with a cute little story that happened last night.
We were watching Slings & Arrows, a Canadian TV show about a regional theater and the people who work there. Of course, as the title alludes, they put on Shakespeare plays as well as others. It reminds me of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.  The program stars Paul Gross who was Darryl VanHorne in the brilliant, yet canceled series 'Eastwick' last season.
This is a well acted and produced series, which has us two old actors loving it. So, right after a superb moment of watching the Bard’s words come to life; Rocky chooses to fart. Not a short fart, but a long, bubbly, fart that started out low timbre and rose in pitch to very near a whistle.
Of course, we just stared at each other and began to laugh. Real, tears in the eyes laughter. Scribe Will S. would have loved it!

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