Friday, January 6, 2012

How am I Doing?

You might ask.  I am doing pretty fine today, thank you.

I have a new doctor(s) and am beginning to get some help.  My personal physiscian, Mel, was right on point on our first visit.  He upped my trazadone so I sleep better, got me into a pain management group that starts later this month, and got me into a psychiatrist to oversee my psychotrophic drugs.  I still need to make an appointment for the MSW to talk about those things that I need help changing.

I have many more decent days than horribly bad days.  Still am agoraphobic, to the point I have to ask Scott to accompany me to the grocery store most of the time.  The fibro pain is constant now, with excrutiating pain about every six to eight weeks lasting for about two weeks. 

Yet all in all, things are looking up right now.

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